What is True Happiness and Contentment and How Do You Get it For Your Life?

Some would argue that joy and happiness are not absolutes, and that they are dependent upon outside/environmental stimuli that affects you directly, and causes you to react in a way which would be defined as “being” happy, joyous and content.

I would like to challenge the world’s status quo, stating that TRUE contentment and happiness exists without any outside influences, and everyone human being on this planet can freely accept happiness and contentment for themselves or can choose to not accept it-it’s that simple really.
Much of what has been written upon the world’s view and definition of happiness and contentment is dependent upon : things; material possessions, etc. I disagree completely.

Your happiness and contentment is not dependent upon possessions, things and/or outside influences in your life. Instead TRUE Joy, Contentment, and Happiness exists completely and independently of these outside influences.

You need to be willing to accept that you are happy, and full of contentment NOW in your life-not where you want to go. You see, to truly be content and joyous in your life, you need to be thankful for what you have NOW, not what you would like to have. Stop chasing after the “things” of this world, and it’s possessions. Why? Possessions and the accumulation of more possessions will never make you completely happy and content.

The accumulation of things is like a drug habit-you will never be satisfied and will always be chasing after more stuff and things in your life to acquire which will not make you content. Instead you will be in competition with yourself to purchase the latest gadget or widget in your ever growing arsenal of gadgets, things that you could never use in a lifetime anyway.

Rule #1 be thankful and happy to God for what you have NOT for what you want and don’t have in your life.

Rule #2 Accept the truth that you don’t need outside stimuli make you happy and content. You can be happy and content-just because-not dependent upon anything.

Rule #3 Start eliminating some of the clutter in your life regarding things/possessions that you really do not need or use any longer.

Rule #4 Start Believing that the principle of LESS is actually MORE than you will ever need in your life, and start living a lifestyle that is reflective of these absolute truths of Happiness and Contentment in Your Life.

I leave you with this thought: Love People and use Money instead of the world’s view of loving Money and using People.


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