Why a Little Fat in a Low Fat Diet Plan is a Good Thing

Is a low fat diet plan the right selection for weight loss? When we start a diet, we tend to try and get rid of anything that contains any fat whatsoever. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, certain fats not only contribute extra calories (which add to our expanding waste lines) but also contribute to our poor health such as heart disease. If you truly want a healthy diet these saturated fats should definitely be excluded. But does this miss the point? If you had a chance to get rid of all the fat in your diet would it help you lose weight and get healthier?

Since most of us are attempting a low fat diet plan to lose weight, lets concentrate on that. Now this might surprise you, you need fat in your diet to lose weight. Research in in Australia tested the effects of fish oil and exercise on body fat composition. What the research report found was that the oil had a great affect on the rate of losing fat, in particular it helped lose belly fat. Another study discovered that adding fish oil increased fat burning by 26%.

Insulin levels are the key to this fat loss with fish oil, the fish oil in this low fat diet plan reducing insulin levels by half. Insulin tends to promote the storage of fat rather than using it for energy. The more balanced you can get your insulin, the less energy will be deposited as fat stores on your thighs and the more will be used as energy by your body.

Fish oil is just one of the fats found in the Omega 3, 6 and 9 groups, all of these are beneficial to your body. So what you need to be asking yourself when you start a low fat diet plan is not how much oil do i need but rather how much of the right quality fats can i get in my diet. A nice bonus with these oils is that if your were getting the right amounts in your diet you actually would stop craving fatty foods.

Examples of these oils are Avocado, Olive oils, nuts and seeds and as previously mentioned oily fish like tuna and salmon. Portions of these added to your meals through out the day will provide you with help for your weight loss, as well as a number of other health benefits..

So as you can oil is not bad but rather essential and a low fat diet plan needs to include these beneficial types of oils, make sure not to have to much though, oil still carries large amounts of energy and too much of it will end up adding to your fat stores.

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