What Do Your Thoughts Say About You?

Everyday I talk to people who consciously harness the thought and emotional energies within their homes to support their life dreams. All of them believe in the Law of Attraction, all of them on some level understand that our thoughts and words create our reality.

Here’s what I find so interesting. As humans we work really hard to have our thoughts and words in alignment, or at least that’s what we all say. Yet, when I listen to my friends, co-worker’s, clients and yes, even my own words, I find we are all incongruous.

Let me share an example. I have a client whom I’ve worked with for a long time. I’ve cleared her home, set the home up as an energy generator. We’ve created visioning boards with full color. I’ve designed visualizations and affirmations to support her goals. She has attended many of my classes on positive thought and home healing.

Yet today she calls and asks me, “Why do we bother to do any of these things because we are at the end of times and we are all doomed according to the teachings of the Book of Revelations?”

I’ll admit her statement took me aback.

Remember, I’ve worked with this client for a long time; we’ve had many talks about consciousness and how important it is to stay in high Vibrational words when talking because those words will create our reality.

I reminded her that we have choice in our thinking, that the world just made a big choice choosing Hope over Fear. Leaving politics out of it, this country made a choice and the whole world supported it and prayed for it. We as a global consciousness chose hope over fear. How could we be doomed?

I asked her, how can you believe this world chose hope over fear, that your thoughts create your reality and that the Law of Attraction works in your life through your thoughts, words, feelings and actions and still think we are doomed because a book says so.

Now here’s the fun part and I know I’ve done this too. She looked at me like I had six heads and said, “HUH.” She didn’t realize she was being incongruent. She didn’t hear her words. Didn’t see the clash between her belief systems.

On one hand she is a spiritual person believing in positive thought, harnessing energies and the power of visualizing and affirming her intentions.

She also believed in a book, a very special book that she was raised with. She never stopped to think about the lessons of this book and how they influenced her life. She hadn’t read it for a long time, didn’t think about it as being a profound part of her life today.

Let’s just say she was shocked to see the clash between her beliefs.

We’ve all been there. Thought we believed one way and found ourselves changing course. Well, when we change course there is no magic eraser that comes along and removes the strings of thought belonging to that belief system.

Some day those beliefs fall out of our mind and shock us. Everything we hear, feel, think and experience is held in our subconscious mind. It really is the part of us that is creating our world and reality. It’s one thing to work consciously on our words and beliefs but until we work on our sub conscious mind to erase as much as is possible those strings of thought they will be working on our behalf.

So, how do we access and clear the sub conscious mind? We work on reprogramming our subconscious through meditation, affirmative prayer, hypnosis, regression work and maybe working with our inner child. All the things we do to be emotionally and mentally healthy. We do our internal work and stay as connected to our inner self as is possible.

So the next time you wonder why you are not creating the things you hope for, look to your words and see what they are saying about you. Remember to clear the thought/emotional field energies within your home so that Law of Attraction is working cleanly on your behalf.

Ranoli is a Holistic Home Inspector, Life Development Counselor, Intuitive Environmental Consultant, Author, Teacher and Radio Host on HealthyLife.net. She is the owner of Heart And Home Healing, a consulting service designed to empower people, create healthy homes and stage the feel of homes or offices.

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