My Top 10 Quick Breakfast Options For Fat Loss

Eating breakfast is very important for fat loss goals because it helps break the fast and kick-starts the metabolism. Maintaining a healthy metabolism so it keeps running smoothly is essential for burning calories. Here is a rundown of my favourite recipes for a simple and quick breakfast. They contain friendly ingredients that work with your body and not against it. Note the absence of processed foods and sugar.

1. Smoothie- natural yogurt with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, add hand full of any berries and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil or hand full of almonds. Blend with a little water.

2. Egg omelet served with raw spinach.

3. Cottage cheese served with blueberries.

4. Smoked salmon served with watercress, tomato and sliced cucumber.

5. Gluten free pancakes with ghee butter on top, served with blueberries and double cream.

6. Boiled eggs served with lightly steamed asparagus wrapped in ham.

7. Scrambled eggs served on wheat free toast.

8. Crab meat and shrimp mixed with sour cream and wrapped in an egg omelet. Serve with wheat free toast.

9. Duck liver pate served with wheat free toast and watercress.

10. Cold cuts of meat served with salad.

I used to eat the same boring breakfasts for years because I thought it was healthy for me but I didn’t know any better because the foods I was eating were all classed as health foods. I fell into the trap of eating grains, and then more grains until I was eating a massive bowl of porridge oats every morning just so I wouldn’t feel hungry soon after my breakfast.

I researched nutrition quite intensively and discovered that each individual burns calories at different speeds and our ability to digest different foods differs from person to person. That means you could eat the same diet as your twin and one of you could be overweight and feel rubbish whilst the other looks and feels a picture of health.

Most grains are difficult to digest for most of the population and consequences to this start an uphill battle for weight control. Imagine putting something in your body everyday that your digestive system is unable to digest properly. What do you think happens when you do this? What normally follows are stomach distension, wind, gas and an inability to digest other nutrients and a battle of the bulge.

Take my advice and try eating a breakfast away from the traditional commercial variety to see if it makes a difference to your waistline.

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