Space For a Home Gym

If your house has an empty spare room or your child has just moved out, then now is the best time to give you and your family a home workout area. Due to the rise of many health concerns, more active and healthy lifestyles are what Americans are turning towards. 


If you have a gym membership now – you may find it hard to want to drag yourself back out the door after you return home from work, virtually throwing your money down the drain. Sure, you could always head outside for a run, but with weather differing throughout the year – it’s impossible to keep a steady workout routine with varying temperatures. If you’ve been thinking about what to do with that spare room, turn it into a space that you’ll really benefit from: a home gym.


If you’re big on exercise machines, like exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills, getting one (or two) for in your home will be something you’ll be able to appreciate the convenience of everyday. They are definitely a big investment, but the time they’ll save you from running out to the gym will be worth it. Plus, with the amount of money you and your family would (or already do) spend on gym memberships will far surpass the cost of the machine. By adding one to your home, you’ll be able to enjoy it at your convenience. If you’re stuck deciding between machines, a treadmill is always a wonderful addition. Whether you use it for walking or running, everyone can benefit from the use of a treadmill. They can not only help you lose weight, but if you’re already at a point that you like – you can maintain weight with daily walking. If you’re interested in weights but don’t want to spend the money on a weight machine – invest in some free weights. Lifting free weights is great way to strengthen and tone without spending a fortune on a weight machine that you may only use a few times a month.


Aside from weights and equipment, really give your home gym that athletic club feel. Any hardware store sells floor length mirrors that you can easily install on a wall or two in the room, depending on size. Seeing yourself while you work out will let you see your progress and watch your muscles work, which is why many gyms and fitness clubs have them on every wall. Aside from mirrors – getting a small TV for the room will allow you to work out in the evening and still enjoy yourself after work. Having “your show” on will no longer be an excuse to keep it parked on the couch for the night. Ask your local hardware store what they have that will help you suspend the television from the ceiling so you can watch it as you run or lift.


Once you get started in your new gym, you’ll be able to gauge what else you need. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to bring a bottle of water in with you and you have to interrupt your workout to run into the kitchen for one – think about investing in a mini fridge for the room. Aside from little additions like these, hang inspiring art work around the room. Whether they’re quotes you’ve always loved or maybe a picture of your favorite vacation spot, you’ll be inspired to push yourself and works towards your goal.


So whether you’re already a workout nut or you want to upgrade your lifestyle and start living healthier – a home gym is the addition that keeps on giving. Stop letting that empty spare room sit there and collect dust. Sure, it might make an easy drop off spot for the random items in your home – but getting the most out of your entire house is really what owning a home is all about. By making the decision to install a workout space in your home – you’ll be able to see just how fun and rewarding a healthy lifestyle can be.


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