Difference Between a Mono and a Multichannel Amplifier

In general, a mono amplifier is a single channel amplifier which means that it plays the sound without any characteristic directionality such as the left versus the right. In contrast, the multichannel amplifiers such as a stereo amplifier play the sound at different channels with a minimum of two channels. Apparently, multichannel amplifiers do not produce richer sound like what others think. Actually, mono amplifiers can be very useful in some certain applications.

If you’re interested in buying an amplifier, you should know how to differentiate a mono and a multichannel amplifier. First and foremost, you might want to consider checking on the prices of the amplifiers. Apparently, mono amplifiers are relatively cheaper than multichannel amplifiers. One of the main reasons why multichannel amplifiers are a little expensive is that it produces better and fuller sound quality when listened at moderate levels.

When you’re comparing a mono and a multichannel amplifier, consider turning up the bass and compare the sound that you hear. You will realize that when the bass dominates the soundscape, the sounds produced by the mono amplifiers aren’t all that distinguishable from a multichannel amplifier.

You should also take in consideration the impedance levels at which the mono and the multichannel amplifiers work. Usually, mono amps run on 2 ohms. This means that mono amps are compatible with any speakers system or sub woofer with an impedance of a multiple of 2. But you should keep in mind that extra wiring is needed for systems that run on 4 or 6 ohms. As for multichannel amps, they run from 2 ohms and above; thus, compatibility should be checked carefully prior to purchase.

To properly compare the sound quality of amplifiers, the volume should only be on moderate levels because it will help you to listen to the distinct sound qualities that each amplifier produces. When the music is very loud, you’ll find it hard to listen to the sound refinements. However, you will notice that the mono amplifiers produce a muffled quality while multichannel amplifiers reproduce a lighter and fuller sound.

If you feel that you like a surround sound system, then you can go for the multichannel amplifiers. Multichannel amplifiers are also good for those who use equalizers to minimize bass tones. Mono amplifiers are not created for surround sound systems.

Mono amplifiers are perfect for those who would like a lot of bass tones playing and to those who have a simple speaker system. This is more cost effective since mono amps are cheaper and the sound quality isn’t that sacrificed especially when the bass tones dominate the sound.

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