Put a Little Love in Your Heart – Message to All Religions

Religions all over the world have been suffering for centuries about who’s actually right and who’s actually wrong. How long are we going to continue to accept this? I do a lot of writing on religion and spirituality and sometimes it becomes difficult to make sense out of some things that truly don’t take any sense.

If you examine most of the religions throughout the world, you will find that they are kind and caring. The problem is, it only seems to apply within their communities. It seems like they’re taught to only love and care about those who share the same fate.

Every once in a while, one of them wanders into another religions camp and what ever experience they have there, can either have a good or a bad experience. If a Muslim makes friends with a Christian, goes over to their house for dinner and has a good time, this could be viewed as a good experience.

However, if the Christian goes over to the Muslim home and becomes offended at the pictures that are hanging on the wall or even a single religious book that is either lying on a table or put neatly on the shell. This could actually be a bad experience.

If the true message in all religions is love, why is there so much war, fighting and conflict within communities all over the place. If I’m going to teach my children to love others, shouldn’t I specify that this means all people or should I tell them that they will only need to love a select few.

Let’s start looking for ways to love or at least learn to love others, instead of singling certain groups of people, lifestyles, genders, races and any other people and persecuting them, simply because your religious text says something bad about them.

If we all get on the same wagon, we can help anyone who falls off

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