Happiness Is Simple

For different people, definition of happiness is different. For starving people, happiness is a piece of bread; for migratory people, happiness is a warm bed; for cold people, happiness is a stove for warming. But for people who desire for love, happiness maybe is a small necklace of Links of London.

Not long ago, I saw a movie 50 first dates, which was really amazing. Then I was wondering how we could make the ones we love remember us and do not forget us the next day. For people who have some diseases in memory, we have to overcome serious difficulties to impress us on their memory. But for normal people, we should treasure every opportunity to let others remember us.

For me, I was together with my girl friend for one year. We love each other, but sometimes we also had quarrels. We shared with everything and had many unforgettable memories. All these little things make up our happiness. Several days later, my girl friend would have her birthday and now I am preparing a surprising present for her to remember that moment.

After thinking for a long time, I decided to buy a necklace of Links of London. It looks like an ordinary necklace, which has a heart-shaped pendant and in the pendant, there are two heart-shaped holes. But I think it can stand for our two hearts together forever. And after I bought it, I also asked a professional designer to carve the first letters of our names in the necklace, which I thought was very meaningful. Now I am considering the package of it and the preparation of date.

Actually, I could imagine the happy moment when she get the necklace. When she is happy, I am also very happy. And when I am preparing all these surprises, I feel very happy too. To be honest, being a lover of the other, whether you are devoting or you get something from the other, you can get happiness. In conclusion, happiness is very simple, just like what a pair of necklace of Links of London brings to you.

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