Eco Talks (Green Our Planet)

Eco Lifestyle: With the increase in globlization today there is the need of the eco lifestyle. The focus must be on the environmentally conscious living. We must strictly focus on the eco practices, healthy and eco friendly products so that our future generations gets to enjoy the bounties of nature. The efforts should be made to inspire people to live greener and more healthy lives. Above all this it calls for the organic change in the present day lifestyle. It demands a new mindset to respect the values of nature. Besides there is the need for the proper energy management, optimum utilization of the renewable sources, emphasizes on the ecologically sustainable and economically viable agriculture and water management. Today’s ecological talks are the environmental movements such as the climate change, global warming, conserving biodiversity etc. There is need to focus people’s attention on the preservation of the environment at large.

Eco Housing: Eco housing is the effort that in the near future we built cost effective, energy efficient and environment friendly houses. The builders should assure that they make use of the eco friendly, low maintenance, energy efficient building material to conserve the natural resources without leaving the comfort. The use of the non renewable sources should be minimum. The layout should should be as such it leaves the plenty of breathing and strolling space in front of the house. Their should be the provision of the rainwater harvesting. Herbal gardens, waste management and the solar heating are now as fashionable as they are affordable. Think of the ways you can do around your house, work place or in the public places to help the environment and promote green living.

Eco farming: Keeping in view the ecological consciousness there is the urgent need of the ecological friendly farming. Eco farming is what best fulfill the requirements of the sustainability. By the use of the agricultural chemicals, we solve our short term goals but leave a problem for our future generations. The soil and the plants grown in it are weak and are easily prone to diseases. The techniques such as the crop rotation and the organic farming increase the crop yields without risking the future harvests. Not only this these practices excludes the use of the synthetic pesticides. It also maintains the soil productivity. We too can easily opt for the organic farming at our house. Adopting the eco farming techniques it can help cut down the use of the pesticides and the other harmful chemicals.

Eco tourism: Earth is our common homeland. For so long we have neglected its well being and have focused on our well being for our own selfishness. We have been constantly exploiting its finite resources without any concern for the future. So it is the high time to think about it now. Tourism is the world’s largest industry. But the question is how to promote the eco friendly tourism? It is not the duty of one but the responsibility of all to adopt the eco tourism techniques and preserve the environment. As well said ‘Take only the photographs and leave only the footprints’. We should make sure that we are responsible to maintain our ecosystem that includes our biodiversity, water and air.

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