Know about Authentic components of Joye 510 to avoid Fake/Cloned Joye Products

The most popular and effective electronic cigarette is Joye 510. There are many colors available for this model electronic cigarette but don’t let that confuse you on which one to buy. Do your homework if you have decided to use e-cigarettes, search online. Collect a thorough amount of information regarding the original and genuine Joye electronic cigarette, how to use it and what the various parts are that make up the Joye 510. There is only one genuine Joye 510 the rest are clones and cheap fakes which other manufacturers market as a 510 electronic cigarette. You know what they say you get what you pay for. Choose the best one that fulfills your needs.

The main 3 Components of Joye 510

The Joye 510 has three main components; namely the cartridge, atomizer and the battery. These three items together make up this electronic cigarette.

Cartridge – The cartridge actually holds the e-liquid. It is filled with a poly fill that absorbs and holds the liquid using capillary action. In Joye 510 e-cigarettes, the cartridge and the mouthpiece are integrated in a round or flat mouth piece also known as a whistle tip.

Atomizer – The atomizer is the most important and vital part of the Joye 510. It mainly takes the e-liquid which wicks from the cartridge and transforms the e-liquid into a vapor. The quality of the atomizer makes or breaks the flavor and throat hit. The combination of the throat hit the vapor and the flavor gives you the feeling of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. The atomizer cannot be touched or seen from the outside, as it is housed internally in the stainless Steel body.

Battery – The battery powers the atomizer. It can be either an automatic or a manual switch battery. The manual battery is favored over the automatic battery due to its performance and longevity. Many manufactures have stopped selling the automatic battery because of the automatic batteries flaws. In case of an automatic battery, every time you inhale it turns on because the draw activates a micro switch. When e-Liquid seeps down into this micro switch the battery stays on an burns up the atomizer. In the case of a manual switch battery, the button is placed just in the right position where you can press it using your thumb while holding the cigarette with your fingers. In the case of a manual battery, the battery is activated by pressing the button. With a manual battery you can control the amount of vapor and the intensity of the draw leading to more throat hit. Since the battery is sealed on the manual battery e-Liquid cannot seep into the micro switch and your battery lasts much longer.

Fun of Smoking Joye 510

The size of the cigarette is very convenient as it is lightweight and easy to handle
You will love the outstanding vapor production no other e-cig can compare
There is smoothness while inhaling. It is quite relaxing while entering the mouth and hitting the throat. You will love the sensation.
You can select your favorite flavor from among the many flavor combinations and base liquids to suit your taste
Quick re-charge of the battery saves you time

This electronic cigarette has become popular among beginners as well as the experienced and advanced users.

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